So, what is all this?

BrianI’ve been reading and enjoying supernatural and weird fiction for many years now. I am a committed Aickmanophile, but I love ghostly literature of all kinds, from the classics to the modern masters. The site is of course named after the Robert Aickman story of the same name, which appeared in his 1980 collection, Intrusions: Strange Stories, the last published during his lifetime.

I thought it was time I started to put down some thoughts on the electronic equivalent of paper. I don’t know who, or indeed how many, will read these ramblings, but if anyone gets pleasure out of something here, or finds him- or herself directed to a piece of writing they wouldn’t otherwise have uncovered, I’ll be quite happy.

If you have a published novel or collection of stories (or similar) you think might fall into one or more of the categories I’ve mentioned, I’d be delighted to review it on the site. Please email me at bjlavelle at gmail dot com for details of the best way to send me items. Either physical or electronic versions of books are fine with me, although there’s something wonderfully tactile about a book of supernatural literature, isn’t there? Perhaps it’s the pleasing sensation of being able to close the book quickly if it all gets too much…

Anyway, thanks for reading the blog. I hope you enjoy at least something here! If you want to connect further, you can find me on Facebook here and on Twitter here (that’s my personal Twitter account, not the @notimeispassing account).



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